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Chancery Lane: Ernesto Bedmar Architects (Masterpiece Series Hardcover)


The Chancery Lane house is a perfect representation of Bedmar’s ongoing interaction with his new language of tropical residential architecture. Evocative of the simple, open structures of times past, yet possessed of a modernity of spirit perfectly in keeping with contemporary life. The house conflates, rather than juxtaposes, indoor and outdoor spaces in perfect harmony.

Entering the property involves passing a stacked stone fence, thematically reminiscent of the ‘angkul-angkul’ fences that surround traditional Balinese properties, which are used as much to isolate views of the property as to protect inhabitants. Once inside, the building is laid out in a ‘U’ formation, with the house oriented around a central courtyard comprised of a large rectangular swimming pool floored with dramatic polished blue and black stone, and a sheltered outdoor bbq and living space. A pair of structures made into a single one, delineated through separations between the west and northern cross-sections via floating bridges on the second floor. All spaces are naturally directed inwards, utilizing the central courtyard as a natural focal point, underscoring the dramatic symbiosis between indoor and outdoor space.


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