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Godiva Arts Assouline Coffee Table Stack (S/4)


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Assouline luxury coffee table stacks add a chic personalized touch to any room. This stack includes four exciting works in black with striking gold accents, featuring theater and film, the art of advertising, and high fashion. Ma Rainey's Black Bottom: Adapted from two-time Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson's play, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom is a profound and moving celebration of the transformative power of the blues and the artists who refuse to let society's prejudices dictate their worth. Producers Denzel Washington and Todd Black brought the play to the silver screen. This stunning companion book offers a visual and narrative tour through the rich and multifaceted history behind the film, and the life of Ma Rainey herself and is a celebration of August Wilson's life work. George Lois on His Creation of The Big Idea: George Lois is advertising's most famous art director, the original "Mr. Big Idea." Time magazine called Lois, "a media renaissance man... an iconoclastic genius... a legendary advertising guru." He founded the creative revolution that spawned modern advertising, as his iconoclastic talent created icons - dramatizing the problems, solutions, foibles, and promises of American life indeed. Most astute media critics recognize Lois as a pioneering avant-garde mover of the culture . In this mind-boggling archeological dig into his works, Lois discovers and reveals the influences on his unforgettable concepts as he probes the echoes in his mind's eye, tracing more than one hundred of his "Big Ideas" back to the origin of each concept. Shiatzy Chen: Dubbed the "New Look of China" Shiatzy Chen, the high fashion and luxury design brand, is heavily influenced by ancient Chinese culture and modern Western techniques. Shiatzy Chen has established a fashion label that is as traditional and timeless as it is progressive and forward thinking. Bulova: This profound new title chronicles the extraordinary American watch company in a fittingly unusual manner: by recounting an epic, multi-generational picaresque that runs from the Gilded Age up through present-day New York City. Joseph Bulova, the man behind the movement by which America would set its time, was an iconoclastic industrialist fostered a corporate culture of innovation that endures today.