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High Fashion Assouline Coffee Table Stack


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Dior: Of all the great Parisian couture houses, Dior is perhaps the most famous and prestigious in the world, embodying Christian Dior’s sublime vision of femininity. This, the third volume in an unprecedented series of books devoted to each designer of a couture house, the ultimate compendium of the most memorable haute couture creations conceived and handcrafted by the renowned house of Dior since its inception. Sportmax:Founded in 1969, Sportmax has built its heritage on a strong base of beautiful Italian craftmanship and bold innovation. Over the last fifty years, this iconic brand has presented a steadfast dedication to smart lines and clean form that Vogue once characterized as “a far cry from conventional. Panama Legendary Hats: Panama pays fitting tribute to the “aristocrat of the straw hats.” This volume delves into the hat’s remarkable history, production process, and variety of shapes, while celebrating the grace of living of its country of origin: Ecuador. Alaia: For over 35 years, Prosper Assouline and Azzedine Alaïa were close friends. As a tribute to their friendship, Prosper Assouline decided to republish Assouline’s 1992 “Collector’s Book” on Alaïa’s Summer 1992 show that lays bare the work of a creative artist. Never before had a haute couture designer given such an in-depth view of the secret alchemy that goes into a fashion show.