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Houses Vo Trong Nghia & The Work of VTN Architects (Hardcover)


In an age of overpopulation and rapid urban development, most Vietnamese houses are located within crowded cities. Therefore, the residents suffer from polluted air with little green space for themselves. The presence of televisions, Internet, and social media also poses problems for urban dwellers. People are mentally stressed from constant social pressure and the modern lifestyle. They have limited space for activities, for living life, and for enjoying nature. Understanding the situation, VTN Architects’ “Houses for Trees” connect people to nature, creating pockets of greenery within our concrete cities. Our houses become ecosystems that merge natural energy and natural materials to produce net-zero buildings for society. Water is recycled. Spaces are bathed in natural light and fresh air. Solar panels are installed. Our houses also become hotspots for activities such as planting trees and urban farming.

They boost interaction between family members, strengthen the atmosphere within each household, and improve people’s minds and bodies. The more we build, the more we bring nature back to urban living, the happier people are, and the greener our society becomes. Each house that we construct becomes a pocket of parks for the cities, reconciling nature to modern urban dwellers.