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Hyperirrealism: Digital Sketching (Hardcover in Slipcase)


Hyperirrealism explores and interrogates the generation of a new architecture
and urban planning for the 21st century. To achieve this, it develops two different working approaches: theoretical and graphical/structural.

Dis-order [a fractal self] researches contemporary human mind architecture, using subjectivity as a way of finding new possibilities in individual and collective identities. Meanwhile, New-order [a global self] presents a vision of the contemporary world from an objective (yet personal) point of view.

Digital Sketching is geometric expression and a synthesis of contemporary human nature: architectural and urban ideas, designs and solutions to contemporary problems, validated by a structural behavior study that confirms their feasibility and stability.

These two approaches to design become part of the actual world as a crystallization
of the current historical moment where disorder and order produce ongoing, faster and varying individual and collective (r)evolutions.

It is my intention to focus more on the future than the past, more on freedom
and less on indoctrination. It is my belief that theory and practice, dream and reality, innovations and applied technology and art and science, ought to come together to enable personal growth regardless of trends, fashions, established ideologies or moral structures.