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Oscar Ojeda City to City Coffee Table Stak


Oscar Ojeda luxury coffee table stacks add a chic personalized touch to any room.

Resilience in Concrete- This book presents a privileged insight into the design and construction of the award-winning Thomas P. Murphy Design Studio Building through a series of interviews with the main professionals responsible for its conception, design and construction: the lead architects Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Raymond Fort-Brescia and Thomas Westberg; the builders Thomas C. Murphy, Erin Murphy, Nick Duke and Jason Anderson; the curtain wall manufacturers Jose Daes and Carmen L. Guerrero, and the University of Miami Project Manager, Gary Tarbe. It also offers sumptuous, detailed photography to provide a thorough understanding of a building that is not just a brilliant work of architecture in its own right but that also provides an inspiring, tailor-made environment in which to educate the architects of the future.

City for City- presents examples of the work of the City College Architectural Center over the past fifteen years. The projects selected are grouped under the categories of exhibitions, visioning exercises, planning and urban design studies and also include a few examples of assignments for implementation. The work was developed at the request of the affected communities and undertaken with their full participation. The projects were financed in various ways, from pro-bono studies to grant-supported efforts. These grants and the special support from state and municipal entities enable the center to develop the projects in greater depth.

From Providence to Mekong Delta- Both buildings express a special strong attachment with the ground. Their abstraction and the landscape views are key to the design of these two projects. In its own way, each frames views of the natural landscape. Views that are like abstract paintings composed of colors strongly imbued with the air moisture or sunlight intensity. At night, the moucharabiehs – clad in solid laterite stone bricks at Can Gio and in vertical pine screen at the Mines de Bruoux visitor center – create subtle, magnetic lanterns whose light changes in accordance with visitor movement within. An angular geometry composes the layout of both projects in contrast with the flowing lines of the surrounding topography. As since the beginning of architecture – geometry and geography intertwine to accentuate their expression. Sand to Spectacle- The Dubai Mall, completed in 2008, is currently the world’s largest mall and one of the largest structures in the world.

Sand to Spectacle - The Dubai Mall – DP Architects documents the design process of Singapore-based DP Architects as it realized a building the size of a city in just over four years from sketch to construction. The authors perform an in-depth analysis of the historical, architectural, cultural, and physical forces at play in the building’s design, and supplement the text with a unique comparative study of Dubai and Singapore to describe The Dubai Mall as a product of both local and global influences.

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