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Warm Travels Assouline Coffee Table Stack, S/3


Assouline luxury coffee table stacks add a chic personalized touch to any room. A trio of high end coffee table books with unified bold red and white spines. Featuring high fashion, Italian style, and a fresh look of beauty in the eccentric.

Italian Chic- Italy is a country synonymous with style and beauty in all aspects of life: the rich history of Rome, Renaissance art of Florence, graceful canals of Venice, high fashion of Milan, signature pasta alla bolognese of Bologna, colorful architecture of Portofino and winking blue waters of Capri and the Amalfi Coast, among many others. Italians themselves live effortlessly amid all this splendor, knowing instinctively just the type of outfit to throw on, design element to balance, or delectable ingredient to add. Daria Reina and Andrea Ferolla, sensitive and often nostalgic lovers of their home country, take readers on a tour of an Italian’s Italy, off the main roads traversed by tourists and onto hidden side streets or off the grid altogether, to corners lesser known but filled to bursting with the quintessential details that define timeless Italian style. See the Sassi cave dwellings etched into the mountainside of Matera; admire the red-orange walls characteristic of the Emilia-Romagna region; and examine the carved birds at Sorrento’s Grand Hotel Ambasciatori, so lifelike they might fly off the page. Reina and Ferolla invite readers to discover the special moments and places that reveal an intimate portrait of one of the world’s most treasured destinations, and Ferolla’s classical illustrations add another level of personality to the journey.

Sportmax- Founded in 1969, Sportmax has built its heritage on a strong base of beautiful Italian craftmanship and bold innovation. Over the last fifty years, this iconic brand has presented a steadfast dedication to smart lines and clean form that Vogue once characterized as “a far cry from conventional.” Making its runway debut in 1976, the house garnered industry acclaim for its free spirit and approachable styling, which offered women a selection of versatile separates that could transition to every occasion. Over the decades, the Sportmax woman has garnered a devout following with an often mysterious approach to timeless elegance. Glance back at the iconic pieces that defined decades of style and the collections that inspired an industry with original photography and never before archival images.

Megalomania- A phenomenon as old as humanity, megalomania has become, now more than ever, an attitude reflective of our contemporary culture. It reveals a universal desire: to be noticed and unique, political and dangerous. In this book, Philippe Tretiack casts his humorous and scathing eye over a gallery of megalomaniacs who push the envelope, paying alarmed homage to these high priests of excess and their dazzling displays of eccentricity. From power-grasping leaders to rappers bedecked in bling, from showbiz stars to bloodthirsty war chiefs to decadent dandies, Megalomania shakes up the artists of this new nihilism, in which materialism flirts with mortality.

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