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Warm Travels Assouline Coffee Table Stack (S/3)


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Assouline luxury coffee table stacks add a chic personalized touch to any room. This set includes three intriguing books that take you from Russia to the South of France. The books' original jackets display white spines with black font and warm toned front covers. World of Folly: The colonel Louis Watres Amory in Russia is Hunt Slonem's latest design masterpiece showcasing the artist's unique ability to match historic and rare items with vibrant multicolor interiors. World of Folly gives the reader a room-by-room tour. Sade: Lacoste Castle in The South of France, one of the properties of the Sade family, became the refuge of the very controversial Marquis De Sade. Historian Jean-Pascal Hesse examines Sade's story as he walks in the Marquis footsteps in his beloved chateau. La Colombe D' Or: La Colombe D' Or is a hotel and restaurant in the South of France. It is known all over the world for it's astonishing private collection of modern art. This book reveals for the first time splendid pages from the fascinating guest books in which the greatest artists of our time have drawn and signed moments of happiness, along with photos that capture the art and atmosphere of this treasure in Provence.