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White and Black Assouline Coffee Table Stack (S/3)


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Assouline luxury coffee table stacks add a chic personalized touch to any room. A fabulous trio of books displaying white spines with black font. Books have brightly colored front covers. Highlights include the art of ancient wine making, fashion jewelry, and photography. Burgundy: The history of the Cellier aux Moines winery weaves a rich and colorful tapestry, originating with the Cistercian monks of the Abbey of La Ferte. Over the centuries the monks survived wars and plagues, acquiring and developing some of the most renowned vineyards in the region, and producing wines that graced the tables of royalty and the popes. Leaving a career dedicated to the management of luxury brands, Philippe Pascal, turned to winemaking. They bought the Cellier aux Moines property in 2004, and returned to the ancient traditions of winemaking including harvesting and culling the grapes by hand, restoring the Cellier aux Moines to its former glory. Fashion Jewelry: Recognized as one of the world's foremost collections, Barbara Berger's costume jewelry portfolio features many of what are considered the twentieth century's most significant designs. This volume highlights over 200 beautiful and noteworthy examples from her more than 4,000 pieces. Guy Bourdin: Guy Bourdin ranks high in the pantheon of the most important photographers of the second half of the twentieth century. Throughout his career, and notably as a star photographer through three decades for Vogue Paris, he dramatically extended the possibilities of what a fashion photograph could be, making images that are distinctive, intense, haunting, and unforgettable. This volume features a rich selection of his iconic images as well as unpublished archival material, revealing never-before-seen Vogue layouts, Polaroids, and paintings.