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Looking to create a unique and unforgettable hotel experience? Booth & Williams is your partner in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones with our curated decorative book collections!

We specialize in large scale hotel projects



Hotel projects are massive undertakings

All too often, selecting and installing the decorative accessories gets squeezed into a mad rush at the end. This time crunch puts pressure on staff, adds costs for expedited services, and may even prevent you from getting exactly the look you want.

Booth & Williams specializes in hospitality projects. We understand that working in the interior design space comes with budgetary constraints, large scale projects, and tight deadlines, and we’re built to help you easily meet these challenges!

Let Booth & Williams help you design a hotel that reflects your brand's personality and leaves a lasting impression. 



Hospitality Design Services

Need color curated books for guest suite shelving? Or coffee table stacks for each guestroom?
Are you filling a library in a restaurant, lobby, or bar?

We can help you to find the perfect decorative book solution for any space! 


If your upcoming projects require:

    • Guestroom/suite decor
    • Hotel library curation
    • Lobby decor
    • Restaurant accessories
    • Conference room decor

Contact us!    We can provide:

    • Unparalleled project support from start to finish
    • Assistance with selections
    • Styling suggestions
    • Custom solutions
    • Estimates for volume needs
    • Detailed quotes
    • Bulk orders for guestrooms and suites
    • Packaging/labeling by location for an easy installation


Our Trade Program  handshake-2-1387451522.jpg

Our Trade Partners begin receiving an automatic 25% discount on our website and also qualify for our cumulative volume discounts.

You can now see your trade pricing applied as you shop when you log into your account! Click the button below to become a trade partner today!



 What We Can Do for You!
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 Guest Suite Living Room Accessories  Guestroom Shelving Decor  Hotel Library Curation
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 Lobby Decor  Conference Room Accessories  Guestroom Nightstand Decor


  We'd love to work with you!


Contact Booth & Williams today, and discover the power of authentic book decor in hotel design! 

Phone: (844) 429-2665


Address: 420 Hosea Road Lawrenceville, GA 30046

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