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Celine Pierced Tabletop Sculpture, Femme Collection


Meet The Artist

Celine is part of the Femme Series, a sculptural exploration celebrating the female form. I am trying to capture the universal balance and grace of the female form. The delicacy of the pierced form, combined with the unexpected and seemingly impossible strength of the clay, reflects how I see women throughout history. We may appear delicate while having incredible powers of perseverance, toughness, and resilience.

Celine means heavenly and is the largest so far in the Femme Collection. Tall and statuesque, she is an abstracted form representing the women from so many cultures and times who carry water jugs, baskets, huge burdens on their heads. They do it while carrying infants, with toddlers slung across their backs. They bear weight that seems beyond the capacity of their frames. They do it with a straight spine, a posture of delicate balance. To me, they are the ultimate symbol of female perseverance and power in the face of challenges.

In creating this one of a kind piece, part of the pierced collection, the form is thrown on a pottery wheel. Small holes are created when the clay is still wet and then each hole is painstakingly enlarged and smoothed when the clay is bone dry to create a lacy and delicate look. This pierced sculpture is made from white stoneware and fully glazed with a variegated white satin finish. The base is also wheel thrown and glazed with a black satin glaze. The base and sculpture are attached. The interplay of light and shadow, color and form complements any urban, contemporary or transitional space.

• Dimensions: 29" height x 9" diameter
• Color: White
• Material: White Stoneware
• Shape: Femme
• Pattern: Lace
• Made to Order please allow 3 weeks processing time before shipment
• Designed and handcrafted in Oakland, CA.



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