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Foyer Bench

Foyer Bench in Birch or Olive Ash

Meet The Artist

Foyer Bench in Birch or Olive Ash, 18"H 34"W 14"D

All wood veneer choices and object dimensions are final

Birch: Light sapwood in tone with occasional brown and red in a wide grain pattern.

Olive Ash: European wood. Undulating grain with a distinct central brown grain that is framed by lighter straight grained edges

Our process entails laminating 1/8" plywood layers that are coaxed into their final shape using a physical form under intense vacuum pressure.The final visible faces of sustainably sourced domestic and exotic veneer highlight the final shape and the inherent beauty of each veneer. The result of this tedious process is a sculpture that is a focal point in any space for years to come.

MADE TO ORDER: Please allow 8-10 weeks before shipment

Art & Decor
Tan, Brown