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Levitating Console

Levitating Console

With all our designs, Natural Harmony Collection celebrates the beautiful characteristics of the natural world. Just like all of us, its our unique qualities that make us authentic and special. Our differences are part of our essence.

At The Iron Roots Designs, we love that no tree is the same. Before starting a piece, we carefully go through the boards in our wood stock to find the wood grain and hue that will highlight the beauty of the design. The objective is always to achieve the harmony of authenticity, functionality, and sustainability that has come to define our brand.

At the end of the day, our products are crafted to last a lifetime. From the timeless designs that work in any home, to our beautiful hardwood that will form a warm patina in the sunlight of your window. The well-considered design and materials will effortlessly transition from conversation piece to heirloom for the generations to come.

By ordering from this collection, you are joining our dream, process, and journey of discovery and creativity. It is an honor to craft something for you. Thank you.

52"L x 12"W x 30"H


Proudly crafted by hand in San Francisco by The Iron Roots Designs