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Sandy Strata

Sandy Strata

Meet The Artist

This blown glass vase was blown by layering tan, beige and red colored  glass frits and powders to create the intricate pattern. The pattern is created before the creation by laying out the chips and powders in a specific format on a steel plate, once the glass is on the blow pipe the pattern is rolled up onto the piece, melting into the surface of the glass. The central band is formed by stretching a molten red glass wrap around the piece. After the piece is cooled down the piece is sandblasted to give the distinct matte finish. The interior of the piece is an white and clear glass to accentuate the exterior color and give the piece a subtle interior illumination. The lip is finished with a red glass accent.

The approximate dimensions of this piece is 7" high x 7" wide x 3" deep. 

This piece will ship in 7-10 days.



This piece will ship in 5-7 days
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