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Meet The Artist

This piece, from my cascade series, is inspired by the waterfalls in the forests  surrounding me in Tennessee. 
To make a piece I will lay out, on a steel plate, glass chips and powders in the configuration that I want. Once I start blowing the piece, with the glass on the blow pipe, I will roll across the pattern and then heat it, melting the pattern into the glass on the blow pipe. I will then continue to blow the piece into the shape that I want and  put that piece into a kiln to cool down. After the piece cools down, I will come back over the course of several days And sand blast the piece and then use a diamond wheel to carve into the piece revealing the color underneath exposing the waterfall among the rocks. 
This piece is colored in tones of sky, lapis and denim blue glass with a transparent green interior and has a flattened shape with  approximate dimensions of 7" tall x 7" wide x 3"deep. 

This piece will ship in 5-7 days
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